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5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum and Online Programs

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With the power of K12’s 5th grade homeschool curriculum, your student will experience an education that fosters curiosity and creativity while preparing them for middle school. Whether you choose K12 curriculum for homeschooling or choose to enroll in a K12-powered online school, your child can continue on the path toward becoming an independent learner. Through engaging lessons, hands-on activities, and your active role in your student’s education, your child will build a strong foundation for continued learning.

How does online homeschool work?

Online homeschool follows the same basic structure and must meet the same educational standards as a conventional brick-and-mortar school. With homeschool, however, parents or other designated adults take on the role of teacher, guiding their student through the K12 5th grade homeschool curriculum. Through pre-planned lessons and learning initiatives, homeschooled students have access to a strong education.

Our curriculum enables parents and guardians to tailor the pace of instruction and meet the individualized learning needs of unique students. As children approach challenging topics, they can take more time to grasp the concept. With subjects they understand more quickly, they can move on. Parents are also able to quickly intervene if their student starts to fall behind.

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How does online public school work?

Families who want to have greater involvement with their child’s education and greater flexibility in the school day, while still having their child learn from state-certified teachers, often choose to do public school at home. K12-powered tuition-free online schools combine the engaging K12 curriculum with the support and structure of public school—all from the comfort and safety of home. Families of K12-powered schools adhere to the schedule and pacing of their online school.

What are my responsibilities as an adult homeschool provider?

Choosing to homeschool your student means you will step into the role of teacher. The 5th grade homeschool curriculum you purchase from K12 includes all the lesson plans and activities you need to complete each subject. As your student’s instructor, your involvement plays a crucial role in their success.

For students enrolled in a K12-powered online school option, parents or other responsible adults act as Learning Coaches and assist with lessons and online classes, which are taught by state-certified teachers.

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Which courses are available for the 5th grade homeschool curriculum?

The K12 5th grade homeschool curriculum is available in all core subjects. Students may also take electives that spark their creativity. Through a combination of online learning and offline, hands-on activities, students of all learning levels and preferences can gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.

The curriculum helps students develop the foundations of traditional academics through an easy-to-use online platform. Core subjects include:

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English / Language Arts

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Physical Education

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History/Social Studies

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World Languages

How do homeschooled students socialize?

Social interaction is an important part of any well-rounded education, and it’s not uncommon for homeschooling families to form local groups for community and support. Students of K12-powered online schools can connect with peers and form lasting friendships through various school-sponsored social events and outings. Some events may include:

Local clubs | Field trips | Extracurricular activities


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Homeschool Support

Homeschooling has its share of challenges, but you have support, too. K12 offers various resources for both students and parents to help everyone be successful on this new adventure.

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How Homeschool Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners

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K12 Online Homeschool FAQs

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Online Homeschool Success Stories

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Get Started with 5th Grade Online Homeschool

Homeschooling your upper elementary school student with the K12 5th grade homeschool curriculum can be a great alternative to conventional school. With one-to-one attention, engaging lessons, and fun, hands-on activities, unique students can truly thrive.

Choose from full-time homeschool or part-time, individual courses.

Homeschool Options

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Full-Time Homeschool

You can choose to purchase K12 homeschool curriculum to fulfill the needs of a full-time homeschooling program, or, similar to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, you can enroll in a K12-powered online school. These education options follow a standard school schedule where students partake in the full 5th grade curriculum and take various courses taught by state-certified teachers consecutively.


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Part-Time Homeschool

For families looking to supplement their student’s traditional schooling or who want to add an additional challenge, part-time classes are a great option. You choose the classes and set the pace, giving you access to the powerful K12 5th grade homeschool curriculum with the flexibility that works for you.