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8 Tips to Help Take the Stress Out of College Admissions

What can you do to have a smooth college admissions process? We’re glad you asked.

  1. Get started now. It’s never too soon to start thinking about college. You should begin researching colleges and preparing for standardized tests as early as possible.
  2. Make the grade. Colleges look at your high school transcript to learn more about your academic ability. Good grades, especially in challenging courses, can increase your chances of admission. 
  3. Prepare for standardized testing. Many colleges require either the SAT or ACT, and some highly selective schools may also require SAT Subject Tests. You should prepare for these tests in advance and plan to take them multiple times to improve your scores. 
  4. Get involved with extracurricular activities. Colleges want to see that you’re well-rounded and involved in your community. Participation in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and volunteering, can demonstrate this.
  5. Write a compelling essay. The personal statement or essay is a chance to showcase your personality, interests, and writing ability. It’s important that you take your time to write a strong essay that reflects who you are. 
  6. Ask for letters of recommendation. Colleges want to hear from teachers, counselors, or other adults who know you well and can speak to your character, academic ability, and potential for success in college. 
  7. Research college options. You should research and apply to colleges that are a good fit for you academically, socially, and financially. You should consider factors such as location, campus culture, and financial aid options. 
  8. Don’t miss deadlines. Each college has its own application deadline, and missing a deadline can mean missing out on admission to a college. Be sure to keep track of all application deadlines and plan to submit your application well before the deadline. 

Applying to college doesn’t have to be stressful. Your effort, preparation, and positive mindset will help set you on the path to a smooth application process.

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