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Fun Ways to Connect STEM to the World Around You

Learning goes far beyond the classroom, meaning subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that traditionally have been studied behind a desk can be explored in fun, immersive ways. At school, students may develop STEM skills through projects such as constructing a model bridge or designing and building a robot. Beyond the classroom, STEM exploration opportunities abound, and educators and parents can employ captivating approaches to facilitate students’ engagement with these fascinating subjects.

Activities at Home

Studies show that building STEM-related skills early in life can give your child a distinct advantage when they eventually move into the workforce. So why not try some fun experiments at home with your kids to help boost their understanding of STEM? Build an electric motor that will make your LEGO® bricks spin; set sail with just a bottle, baking soda, and vinegar; or create your own winter wonderland by making snow—with so many cool experiments to choose from, it’s easy to make STEM fun.


Did you know that the skills and power involved in sports can be explained by math and physics? You can calculate a bike’s speed by dividing the distance it travels by the time spent cycling. You can determine a ball’s path using trigonometry or how far it will go by studying the angle at which it’s hit. Traditional educational models have kept the two fields separate, but integrating sports into lessons could help young athletes or sports enthusiasts uncover an interest in STEM while helping them improve their game!

Apps and Esports

STEM apps on your smartphone or tablet give kids the opportunity to engage in STEM topics through entertaining activities and games. They can build creatures while learning about DNA and genes, power up a robot with technical coding, and help superheroes fight evil villains with math! Through these apps, kids can learn STEM concepts, which is a lot more fun than just reading about them.

STEM is also a key component in esports—multiplayer games in which teams from schools across the nation compete just like in physical sports leagues. In esports, players make calculated decisions to develop winning strategies, requiring kids to use skills throughout their competition! Plus, there is a growing job market in supporting digital gaming leagues—so students who enjoy esports could eventually pursue jobs designing and creating games.


Many of the compelling historical events and creative science fiction stories we see portrayed in Hollywood movies center on STEM. “Hidden Figures” is a perfect example of an inspiring real-life story about three brilliant Black female mathematicians who used STEM to make history—putting the first American into orbit in space. Other movies such as “Big Hero 6,” “The LEGO Movie,” and “Flubber” put a fun spin on STEM and are great options for a movie night. Movies can be a powerful teaching tool—so why not make learning about STEM fun for the whole family?

Take learning outside the classroom with these engaging, interactive activities, and help your kids see how science, technology, engineering, and math are all around them. With so many interesting topics to explore, your child will have fun learning and building skills that will serve them beyond school in a booming workforce.

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