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Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account

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Choose the right education for your child with Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account!

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) provides scholarship dollars to Arizona families—regardless of their income level—to help them pursue flexible options for their children’s learning. Public funding through the ESA enables families to expand their educational opportunities outside the public school system and further personalize their educational experience. Arizona’s ESA can cover education expenses, including private school tuition, tutoring services, learning materials, and more.

Arizona’s ESA fully covers full-time tuition at many K12-powered private schools, meaning Arizona students can receive a private education 100% tuition-free regardless of family income.*
Arizona’s ESA provides nearly $7,000 per student.

What are the benefits?

Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account expands school choice so families can give their children the education they deserve.

The program provides all Arizona families with:

  • Scholarship dollars that contribute to or even fully cover private school tuition
  • Additional scholarship dollars for students with special needs
  • The ability to customize their child’s education
  • Equal opportunity for children to access a personalized learning experience
  • An easy application process—just two simple steps for approval

Which K12-powered schools participate?

The following K12-powered private schools participate in Arizona’s ESA. Visit each school site for more information.

ESA 100% Covers Full-Time Tuition:

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ESA Significantly Contributes to Full-Time Tuition:

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Is my student eligible?

All students in grades K–12 who reside in the state of Arizona qualify for the Arizona ESA. Our enrollment consultants are available to help you confirm eligibility and guide you through the application process.

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How do I apply for Arizona’s ESA?**

Our enrollment consultants will help you determine your eligibility and walk you through the next steps! We’ll guide you through the application process and answer any questions. Request more information, and an enrollment consultant will contact you with more details.


*Arizona’s ESA provides nearly $7,000 per student. This amount covers GCPA’s tuition costs. There may be additional costs associated with special education services, which could vary based upon the level of services needed to properly support a student’s IEP/ISP/MET/504 plan. ESA amounts for students with special needs are determined by disability category.
**ESA applications are accepted year-round and complete applications are processed within 30 days of submission. Funds are distributed quarterly, and funding begins the quarter that the ESA contract is signed.