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Celebrate Kindness All Year with Be Kind 365

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At K12, we believe kindness is a key part of creating a safe learning environment and something we can all do every day. See how K12-powered students and teachers spread kindness—in the classroom and beyond!

What does kindness mean to you?

What does kindness mean to you?

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K12 Kindness Calendar

Help us spread kindness all year! Here’s our calendar of Be Kind 365 special initiatives:

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A Community of Kindness

One kind word can create a chain reaction. Check out these features from our K12 community!

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Teaching Kindness

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Bully-Free School

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Fighting Hunger with Kindness

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Find Happiness and Build a Sense of Community at a K12-Powered School

We believe in education for everyone. See if a K12-powered school is right for you.

Resources in Kindness

Kindness is the foundation for improving so much of our world. From greater safety to improved mental health, find additional information and ideas here.

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Our Commitment to School Safety

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Protecting Students’ Mental Health

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Our Commitment to Bullying Prevention

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Holly teen completes random acts of kindness

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What is Kindness

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A Secret Weapon Against Bullying – Kindness

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