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Homeschooling Alternatives and Socialization

At K12, we understand how important it is for students to grow and succeed both academically and socially. That’s why we place an emphasis on providing social activities and clubs for online students.

Social Activities for K12-Powered Students

Homeschooling and socialization is a common concern among parents regarding at home learning. It can be difficult to find clubs for homeschoolers that allow students to meet and interact with peers in their area. And if your student is completely new to online learning, you may be worried about the adjustment, particularly in regards to socialization.

K12-powered schools make a concerted effort to provide students with social experiences to promote healthy development. Students enrolled in K12-powered schools can participate in both virtual and in-person* activities like field trips, school-based clubs, and other extracurriculars. Plus, online forums and discussions allow students to form communities around shared interests with peers from across the country.

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School-Based Clubs

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In-Person* Field Trips

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Contests and Showcases

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Leadership Development Opportunities

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College and Career Workshops

How do students socialize in online school?

Though classes are taught virtually, students enrolled in K12-powered schools are given ample opportunity to socialize and form lasting friendships. Watch this video to learn more about K12’s efforts to help families with homeschooling alternatives and socialization.

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Hear from students.

Is online education the right fit for your child? Discover what families have to say about their experience at a K12-powered online school.


Explore Homeschool Resources

Learn more about how your child can thrive in a K12-powered school or program. Online resources are available to keep families well-informed and help students reach their potential.

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*In-person learning opportunities vary by school. Please check with your school.