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Career Prep: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Classes

Attending School Online Has Unique Challenges And Benefits For Students

By Michael Montee, Student Advisor

As an online student, who transitioned from a traditional school setting, getting the most out of your online classes is crucial. Not only will it provide benefits for the future, but it will also teach you to stay organized and follow a daily routine. There is nothing like having the freedom to choose your schedule and work at your own pace. If you are an outsider looking in, or if you are originally from a brick-and-mortar school, I welcome you to read this blog!

First, let me just say that online school is hard. It takes a lot more effort to learn the material on your own, in a virtual setting, than in a traditional on-site setting. Before I started with K12, I was used to the repetitive schedule of waking up, listening to lectures, completing homework, and then going to sleep. As I entered my junior year with K12, I realized I had to focus with constant distractions all around me. It took some time to adjust, but I eventually got the hang of it. Although learning to tune out distractions is an important skill, which you will learn throughout high school, I believe that getting the most out of your classes is the greatest step before completing a K12 education.

In general, there are many ways to fully reap the benefits of your online classes. One option is to participate in meetings and help labs, when your teachers host them. Not only will you learn more about a particular subject by attending, but you will also be showing your teachers that you care to participate and contribute to a successful school year. Another option could be to handwrite notes, as you follow along with lesson plans. There are countless times when I forgot to take notes, simply because I became so engaged with the lecture. I recommend setting aside some time, after going through a lesson, to jot down a few ideas… and, at least, get the main ideas down. It is unlikely that you will be able to use your notes during a test, so I suggest studying a full day before the test is due.

Lastly, do not be afraid to take part in additional learning opportunities in online school. I cannot express this enough. I missed out on awesome learning opportunities during my junior year, all because I was afraid to venture into the unknown. Many of these opportunities take place in the form of internships, extra credit assignments, and/or certifications, among others. K12 offers a host of resources to help students decide how to take their education to the next level. By getting the most out of your online classes, you are setting yourself up for a world of wonderful and progressive opportunities, regardless of your desired pathway. If you put your best effort into every obstacle that comes your way, I do not doubt that you will succeed. I hope you have a prosperous educational journey!

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