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K12-powered online kindergarten makes learning fun with our award-winning curriculum that introduces students to core subjects through engaging, interactive lessons.

Some schools also offer junior kindergarten (sometimes referred to as pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, or developmental kindergarten), allowing parents to enroll students who miss the fall kindergarten cutoff date and jump-start their learning before they begin kindergarten the following year.

What You’ll Get

Meet Demonty

Demonty is a kindergarten student who is building his confidence and growing academically with online school. His mom Janell wanted an option where she could be more involved as well as have the extra support to keep him on track. Demonty loves to explore outside, read books, and make friends while playing sports.

Explore a day in the life of Demonty

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How does online Kindergarten work?

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted in the principles of how children learn, while the online school platform harnesses the power of 21st-century technology to make learning come alive. K12-powered online kindergarten offers engaging courses with a solid foundation in reading, math, science, and history. Students may also choose courses in art, music, and world languages.** All courses are designed to help spark your child’s joy of learning—a joy that’s sure to grow with each academic year.

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Students build a strong foundation in early reading, writing, and word study, while fostering a love of reading. Structured lessons provide instruction in handwriting, vocabulary, phonics, and foundations of the writing process. Poetry, literature, and nonfiction texts are used to develop basic comprehension.

Students are introduced to numbers. They learn through reading, writing, counting, comparing, ordering, adding, and subtracting. Students solve problems and encounter early concepts in place value and measurement. They also study two- and three-dimensional figures.

Students begin to develop observation skills as they learn about the five senses, the human body, and the basic needs of plants and animals. Students also explore measurement, matter, the seasons, weather, our earth, motion, and astronomy.

Students learn the basics of world geography and are introduced to American history and the people who created it. Supplementary lessons introduce symbols representing America, the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the laws they must follow, some of the many cultures and traditions found in the U.S., and basic economic concepts.

Students learn through contextual interpretation and imitation. This appealing adventure for young minds includes a fun and interactive experience by learning through animated stories that are authentic to each country’s language and culture.

Students are introduced to line, shape, color, and more. They learn about portraits and landscapes, and realistic and abstract art. Students explore paintings, sculpture, and architecture, and create artworks similar to the works they have studied.

Students build foundational skills through singing, creative movement, dancing, real and virtual instruments, listening maps, and authentic sound recordings. They learn about musical elements, explore music around the world, and perform seasonal and celebratory songs.

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Kindergarten Prep Curriculum

EmbarK is our award-winning junior kindergarten curriculum created by a team of developmental psychologists and academics. It includes high-quality learning experiences both online and offline, and provides exposure to core subjects such as math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and music. Courses are highly interactive, with audio and visuals to help children follow along, and can be taken at a pace that suits each child’s learning.

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What does the online school experience look like?

Our online platform is designed to deliver engaging classes, support students, and keep things organized for parents. Young learners can access tools to help them become stronger readers, to build skills through games, and recharge with their learning companion, Strider the Fox. Watch the demo to see how it works.

Sample a Lesson

Your Student’s Team

As a parent, you play an active role by partnering with teachers and your child—while K12 and your school provide resources, advice, and access to the support of an online parent community.

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Student’s Role

In kindergarten, the curriculum is mastery-based and provides a developmentally appropriate mix of online and hands-on learning opportunities.

Play this video to take a closer look at how online kindergarten works.

Parent’s Role

You or another responsible adult act as your child’s Learning Coach. Learning Coaches work with teachers—helping to monitor student attendance and mastery of online lessons and assessments. On average, you’ll spend 4–6 hours a day providing guidance and oversight.

This video explores what the role of the Learning Coach is like.

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Teacher’s Role

State-certified teachers help create student learning plans, monitor progress and attendance, teach live online classes, and hold online help sessions and office hours.

Learn what to expect from your kindergartener’s teacher by watching this video.

And for more information, take a moment to meet the teaching team.

Social Connections

Your little one will enjoy meeting new school friends, just like kids at brick-and-mortar schools. Students at K12-powered schools can socialize with each other through extracurricular clubs and activities—both online and in person.‡ K12 also has 50+ national online clubs to give your child the chance to meet other kids from across the country.

Watch these videos to learn how families fit social time into their school day.

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*In-person learning opportunities vary by school. Please check with your school.
** Courses vary by school. Please check with your school.
†This time varies based on the independence of your student.
‡Extracurricular activities and clubs vary by school. Please check with your school.