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STEM Clubs

Students can explore exciting opportunities beyond the classroom when they join a K12 STEM club. Through interactive STEM activities, students can build friendships and create connections that foster community, curiosity, and creativity, all of which contribute to a well-rounded STEM education.

Why join STEM clubs?

STEM clubs provide a stimulating environment where your student can discover topics like animal care, robotics, and engineering. Kids in these fun STEM programs can help develop code that powers the digital world or cultivate communication and collaboration skills.

From the kindergartener curious about caring for cats to the high schooler interested in AI technology as a career, there’s a STEM club for a range of passions. These clubs can help students prepare for the real world or just have a fun activity to participate in after class.

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STEM Clubs to Explore

K12-powered schools offer a variety of clubs depending on your location and the school you’re enrolled in. Some national offerings, like the LEGO® and Minecraft® Clubs, combine STEM concepts with games students already love.

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LEGO® Club

The LEGO® club is about more than just playtime. It’s a diverse opportunity for K–8 students to meet peers, promote positive development, and participate in fun and challenging activities.

When kids engage in LEGO® building activities, they improve eye–hand coordination and motor skills, learn how to plan projects, engage with a team, and develop problem-solving and spatial intelligence abilities. Children will also enjoy the interactive LEGO® learning projects and contests in this virtual STEM club that are sure to challenge, motivate, and drive them to experiment and explore.

Minecraft® Club

Do you have a student who is all in on Minecraft®? K12 is excited to share that students can now join other like-minded players in the Minecraft® Club virtual sandbox and visualize, build, hunt, create, and explore in a never-ending virtual landscape.

This award-winning STEM club provides online educators with Minecraft® resources to challenge students with immersive games and activities to compete against each other. Plus, there are opportunities to win prizes!

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Enroll in a K12-Powered School to Enjoy STEM Clubs

Are you ready to discover how your students can benefit from a STEM education, in and outside the classroom? Explore our programs to see how K12’s STEM offerings can encourage your student’s curiosity, imagination, and innovation.


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Learn More About STEM Education

STEM and STEAM focused education approaches are a great way to get students excited about learning. We’ve put together lots of information and resources here so you can learn about and navigate through the many possibilities.