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Tips to Make a Midyear School Transfer Easier

Transferring schools can be challenging for you or your student—especially in the middle of a school year. Here are some tips to make your midyear school transfer as seamless as possible.

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Research Your New School

Before transferring, learn as much as possible about your child’s new learning environment. Reach out to the principal, teachers, and families of currently enrolled students. Making connections early can increase your student’s familiarity with their new learning environment.

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Align Your Transfer With the School Schedule

If you’re wondering, “Can you transfer schools midsemester?” the answer is technically yes, but it’s not always the best idea.
The easiest way to keep your transfer process smooth is to plan the transfer for the beginning of a new academic period. Some schools split their year into semesters, others into quarters or even trimesters. Your student will have an easier time adjusting to their new school if they can start fresh with their peers learning new curriculum just after one of these breaks.
If you need help finding an academic schedule, feel free to reach out to guidance counselors or other administrators at your student’s new school. They’ll have information on when grading periods begin and end; you can use that to plan your transfer.

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Plan Ahead With Paperwork

In most cases, there will be a fair amount of paperwork your old school and your new school will need to process for the transfer to be complete. Having some of this prepared and completed ahead of time will help keep the process on track. Each school might have different document requirements, but some common ones to ask about include:

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Check iconTranscripts

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Paperwork may extend beyond the administrative, especially if your student will be starting in the middle of the year. Ask about materials that have already been covered or subjects your student may have to catch up on to be as prepared as possible.

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Bring Your Student Into the Decision

Depending on how old your student is, involving them in the decision process about their new school can help them feel more involved, more in control, and more comfortable with the ultimate decision. If they have any questions or concerns, prioritize finding answers to these through your conversations with teachers or administrators.

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Pay Attention Through the Adjustment Period

Your student’s school transfer doesn’t end on their first day at their new school. They will go through an adjustment period where they get used to their new peers, teachers, and classes.

Pay attention to your student’s moods and behavior, and make sure to address any further questions or concerns that might come up. If your student isn’t adjusting well, contact their teachers or guidance counselors to voice your concerns.

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