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Curriculum Highlights

Taking Innovative Learning to New Heights

Our K12-powered curriculum is more innovative than ever before! Here you can preview some exciting new curriculum enhancements set to be rolled out for the upcoming school year! See what’s new for your student’s grade range. Scroll to see updates for elementary school curriculum or jump to view changes for middle and high school.


Starting this fall, families of K12-powered kindergarteners and first graders can look forward to a truly engaging learning experience using more interactive tools to encourage greater learning independence! We’ve updated our K–1 English Language Arts (ELA), phonics, math, science, history, art, and physical education (PE) courses to:

  • Promote independent learning with fun, new interactive tools
  • Move Learning Coaches to a “guide on the side” role
  • Adjust instructional time to better focus on ELA and math while reducing time in other subject areas
  • More effectively link lessons to Class Connect live instruction within the OLS
  • Include digital formats of all materials that may also be shipped to you
  • Provide students fun ways to take breaks throughout the day

For grades 2–5, we’ve also updated our science, social studies, and art courses with more interactive, helpful tools that foster independence and creativity while reducing reliance on Learning Coach instruction.

Empowering Independence: Tools to Help Young Learners Do More on Their Own

Learning Coaches—we heard you! We know that beginning readers need a lot of help to progress through their lessons. That’s why we’re introducing new video, audio, and interactive tools in each lesson that will enable your K–1 students to do more on their own. These tools are designed to meet students where they are and help them advance. Try them out below!

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Kindergarten Example

Most students in kindergarten are pre-readers. Rather than rely on the text on the screen, they can now engage with the content presented with video and audio support.

First Grade Example

Emerging readers may still require a little audio and video support. With assistance on some key words and some more complex interactives, students will be able to continue advancing on their own.

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Second Grade Example

In second grade, students will still have access to audio support along with longer text and interactives.

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The Right Amount of Time Spent on Math and ELA

We’ve adjusted our lessons to prioritize subject course time for ELA and math while reducing the workload in other subjects. For example, in kindergarten, the overall weekly online instructional time within the course is reduced by about 250 minutes, and in first grade, it’s reduced by about 400 minutes. These adjustments create more space for teachers to provide instruction and for Learning Coaches to guide at an age-appropriate volume and pace for K–1 students.

Flexibility and Access to Course Materials

Supply chain or delivery issues? Not to worry! Now we’re making nearly all physical books available in a digital format too. Here are just a few examples of the many books and materials now available in both digital and print form.

Activity Book

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Virtual Labs

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Linking Class Connect Sessions and OLS Lessons

We know that sometimes it’s a challenge to make connections between OLS lessons and the content covered in live sessions. For our K–1 Math and ELA courses, now you can find teacher-led recorded videos in lessons, which empowers teachers to provide students with more flexible options. These videos are also great to use when your student needs extra review time.

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Brain Breaks Help Young Learners Relax and Refocus

We’ve added social-emotional learning components into every K–1 Math and ELA lesson. Students now have built-in Brain Breaks, and depending on how they’re feeling, students are given a different movement or relaxation/refocusing strategy. Try it out for yourself!

Enhanced Science and Social Studies for Grades 2–5

We’ve updated these key courses for older elementary school students by adjusting instruction time and adding new features that foster independence, discovery, and focus.


Our new science courses feature less reading and more audio support so that students can work through more of the lessons independently. They also now feature virtual labs for interactive experimentation, which reduces the use of household materials. For students who love physical labs, approximately half of the labs have an option to do them in your home with easy-to-find household materials.

Science Lesson Examples

K12 1649447036715 image

Old Lesson

K12 1648144081262 image

New Lesson

K12 1649447036565 image

Old Lab

K12 1648144224365 image

New Lab

Social Studies

We have three new social studies course options for fifth grade students: Early American History, History of the United States, and Modern American History. These courses will be available this fall, either with physical materials or in a digital format where student-directed lessons are mostly completed online. Each course features increased audio support, a reduced number of lessons, and a balance of history, geography, and civics.

Social Studies Example: Mapping Skills

K12 1648144445685 image

K12 1648144433420 image

Enhanced Art for Grades K–5

Opportunities for creative expression abound for students in grades K–5, who will love our updated art courses! This coming school year, you’ll see shorter, more concise creative activities with interactive tools, easy-to-find materials, and even more helpful student examples and teacher videos. In addition, we’ve listened to your feedback, and students will now work on their art lessons once a week (instead of twice a week) to allow for more time on other subjects. We’ve also removed formal assessments while still empowering teachers to track student progress with lesson checkpoints.

Art Galleries: New Tools for Closer Observation

K12 1648146127802 image

K12 1648146135025 image

K12 1648148192810 image

Art Lesson: Teacher Models (available for grades 2–5)

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Middle and High School

We’re continually looking for ways to make our courses more practical and engaging for middle and high school students. Last fall, students gained access to our virtual labs in science courses and a brand-new eighth grade U.S. history course. This fall, students will see many more updates in their social studies and history courses.

Virtual Labs

These online labs foster exploration and discovery in middle and high school science courses. Students analyze objects or specimens and make observations through simulation for scientific investigation. Virtual labs also minimize the need to find or organize materials—everything you need is available right in the lesson or at your fingertips at home!

K12 1648146163830 image

Virtual Lab for Physical Science

K12 1649447027239 image

Virtual Lab for Earth Science

K12 1649446924733 image

Virtual Lab for Life Science

Social Studies

We’ve updated many of the social studies courses for middle and high school! Students will see revised lessons, new images, and activities relating to more contemporary content. They’ll also be able to access engaging, up-to-date articles for readers of all levels.

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