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Helping You Help Your Student

Learning Coaches—we can’t thank you enough for stepping up to help your child get the education that’s best for them! And we know what it means for you to play an active role in their learning. Going into the new school year, we’ll be here to make sure you have the tools, resources, and support you need to make the most of these formative years.

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Learning Coach Community

You’re not alone in choosing the #LearningCoachLife! The National Learning Coach (LC) Community is more than 50,000 people strong! If you’re not already part of the National LC Community or your school-based community, watch this video to learn more.

By joining the National LC Community, Learning Coaches can:

  • Develop relationships with other Learning Coaches
  • Share encouragement and support
  • Gain premier access to updates, info, and exclusive content to help Learning Coaches excel
  • Take part in expert-moderated discussion boards (See example topics below)
  • Join Social Sessions for Learning Coaches
  • Discover ways to connect students with other students
  • Contact dedicated Customer Support Champions for assistance
  • Access content and resources for supporting elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Enjoy shared experiences centered around health and wellness, hobbies, special interests, and just-for-fun activities (e.g., Book Club, Nature Lovers, Walking Club, Military Families, Grandparents as Learning Coaches, etc.)
  • Find motivation, tips, and sanity-saving advice
  • Look forward to some fun surprises!
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Sample Discussions

We’re committed to helping Learning Coaches excel at all things #LearningCoachLife. One way we help is by bringing in experts to the National LC Community to moderate discussion boards about topics that are important to Learning Coaches.

Here’s a sample of some of the recent topics we’ve covered, with direct answers from expert moderators:

  • Making the most of your school experience
  • Student Advisory Council
  • Learning from experienced Learning Coaches
  • Kickstarting career plans or college admissions
  • STEM season
  • College financial aid
  • Student engagement activities
  • Mental health series
  • Student success coaches
  • E-sports info
  • Using the Big Universe Library
  • Multi-generational families and virtual learning
  • Staying motivated
  • Routines and schedules
  • Making online learning work
  • Supporting young readers
  • Giving grace during challenging times
  • Joy in learning
  • Simple ways to serve others from home
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Join the Community Today

All Learning Coaches with a student currently enrolled in a K12-powered school can join the National LC Community and school-specific communities where they’re available. You can access the Learning Coach Community in the Online School or K12 App by simply logging in with your Learning Coach credentials and clicking “Community”.  We can’t wait to see you there!

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